Wisdom of Life


St. Alphonsa Youth of Austin (SAYA) organizes fun social events, charitable events, and other opportunities for our youth to learn and grow in spiritual faith. Prayer meetings play a vital role in nurturing the spirituality of our youth and help them grow in faith and fellowship, we always begin every event with a prayer meeting.


Our social events are always popular, we have organized event such as the youth bbq, game-days, dodgeball games, hiking and more throughout the year.

Over the course of time we have participated in numerous national level Inter-parish activities like Texas-Oklahoma Regional Conference (TORCH), Inter Parish Talent Festival (IPTF), Inter Parish Sports Festival (IPSF), and Diocesan Youth Leaders Gathering (DYLG).

These events facilitate emotional, physical and spiritual growth opportunities for the youth. There is long road ahead and we hope to lay the foundation for our young generations to be better Christians and inspire them to be their best.

Church Youth Activities

Prayer Meetings

Game Night

DYA National Director Fr. Melvin – Austin church visit

In-parish Sports competition for IPSF

In-parish Talent competition for IPTF

Youth Lenten Retreat

Graduation Mass 

St Alphonsa Feast Weekend 

Summer Pool Party 

July 4th BBQ Party

Inter Parish Talent Festival 

Inter Parish Sports Festival 


Bake Sale 

Christmas Tree Decorations 

Christmas Outdoor Lights  


Caroling and Santa Claus 

Christmas Fireworks 

Youth Sports Day 


Austin Events:

Qurbana at University of Texas Austin campus by DYA Director Fr. Melvin 

Ecumenical Christmas celebration


Regional Level Parish Events: 

Steubenville Conference (once a year)

Texas-Oklahoma Regional Conference (TORCH) (every 4 years)

Inter Parish Talent Festival (IPTF) (every 2 years) 

Inter Parish Sports Festival (IPSF) (every 2 years) 

ANCHOR (every 4 years) 


National Level Parish Events:

SUMMIT (every 4 years) 

National Conference (every 4 years) 

Diocesan Youth Leaders Gathering (DYLG) (once a year)


World Youth Events:

Syro-Malabar Feast (duration 1 week) (every 4 years)

World Youth Day (duration 1 week) (every 4 years)