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The Choir

The St. Alphonsa Catholic Church Choirs seeks to celebrate the liturgy in a manner that promotes participation by the entire community with joy and reverence. The practical preparation for each liturgical celebration are done in the spirit of cooperation, under the guidance of the Vicar of the church, whether in ritual, pastoral or musical matters. For this, children and adults are encouraged to serve as choir members. In order to facilitate the smooth functioning of the choir activities, there are two adult choirs: St. Thomas’s choir and St. Mary’s choir and Kids/Youth choir called Angels Voice choir.

St. Mary’s Choir Leader: Ajith Varghese
Email: ajith75@gmail.com

St. Thomas’s Choir Leader: Sijo Vadakkan
Email: sijovadakkan@gmail.com

Angel Voice(Kids)Choir Cordinator: Ajith Varghese
Email: ajith75@gmail.com

If interested in joining our Choir please contact the Vicar or one of the Choir Leaders/Cordinator.